Techsalvation - Unsolicited Call Last Night - Same Experience as Other Customers


I had problems when I updated Aol to 9.7. About 8:00 last night I got a call from what I thought was my online Tech Service.

The Indian guy said that He was a Microsoft Technician and was calling to offer me a free check up because he knew I was having problems. He knew I had a Tech company that I work with. He used Team to remote my computer. This was a free software and it warned me to be careful with unsolicited calls.

He said it was ok. I was just about to put my credit card info in when there was a glitch. I saw him type team salvation. I quickly grabbed my IPad and googled it and found these reviews.

I read them to him and halted the process. I then called the Tech company I regularly use.

A word to the wise Microsoft technicians do not make random calls, especially late at night. I am very careful and Leary. I will be more so.

Thanks for the reviews. I will be calling AOL, Microsoft and everyone else to get the word out.

149.00 is outrageous and the guy argued with me when I told him I thought he said 49.00. Never got a name either.

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Fraud by a.k.a

Not resolved

I was facing problems with my AOL email account and got on Google to get a phone number for AOL. I somehow got the number 888-684-0619 to call.

I called them and got an Indian on the line. I was skeptical so I asked if I got the right number. I was told that they are AOL and can fix my email issue. They got on to my computer remotely and said that it will take $149.00 to fix the issue and it will be fixed by a supposedly Windows technician with a.k.a

I thought them to be genuin and paid for the support. Later I realized that I have been ripped off by them as someone gave me the actual number for AOL. I researched and got on to their website and found out that they are not at all affiliated with anyone they claim to be associated with, HP/DELL/AOL etc.

I have already told my bank to charge back and will be spreading the word everywhere to create awareness of such companies who rip people off. They are nothing but some bottom feeder people who lie and cheat people.

Monetary Loss: $149.

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Send comments to the Indian gov. These scams originate from India, Philippines and I think from Pakistan.

Just go to youtube and type in for example Microsoft scams.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #698724

exact same thing happened to me. They said they were AOL . So it is a scam.


chutiyon ki kami nahi

to fraud detector's father Clearlake, California, United States #901671

COPY post from "fraud detector's father, 07 March 2013:"chutiyon ki kami nahi."

Is this hash-up of alphabetical letters supposed to MEAN something? What in the world is "fraud detector's father" writing here??

I certainly have no idea.

Came to this website because of a deeply-seated feeling of having been $$$triple-digit ripped off by Advanced Tech Support. OMG, I see posts from a year+ ago; other people distraught, heart-sick, just plain old enraged...due to A T S.

Oh, SIERRA HOTEL INDIA TIGER. All I can do now is hope that the apparent fraud caused by A T S does somehow get straightened out.

*** it, I gave those people instant and total access to all my computer's "inner workings." I believed they really intended to, and wanted to, help me with the machine's horribly major problems. Naïve?

Me? Nah...not much.

Oh sure. And I just now saw a herd of wild boars fly past my window here.


Report it to..

Email: (Note: Email is not secure. Mark confidential information "Confidential" and send it via postal mail.)

Mail: Write to:

Office of Policy and Coordination

Room 7117

Bureau of Competition

Federal Trade Commission

601 New Jersey Ave, NW

Washington, D.C. 20580

Phone: (202) 326-3300


It's been 2 days since I posted this and also sent a link to these people however, neither they have replied to me or did anything about this complaint.

to FraudDetector Orlando, Florida, United States #641712

Same thing happened to me, I thought I called AOL, the guy remotely accessed my computer and identified what he said was a virus, he recommended Techsalvation as it is the preferred AOL support, shortly after a guy from this company presented himself as Bob and said I needed to immediately fix this, otherwise my data will be compromised, he charged me $199.99. He then proceeded to run all kind of scripts on my computer, for about 3 hours, lines were fast moving on the black command window, I was told to go get dinner and he will let me know when he is done.

I called Norton the next day as I was suspicious at some of the comments the guy made, I also called AOL and they of course said that they are not affiliated with them, I got my credit card to stop the payment but now I am concerned they imaged my whole computer. Anyone has an idea how to contact them, all their numbers are dead ends

to Viper21072 #691140

The exact word for word situation occurred with a friend of mine

who is not computer savvy.

I quickly ran Norton, Glary,MalwareBytes,Kaspersky's TDSSKiller,and after removing the fraudulent Techsalvation I did a system restore. There seems to be no register involvement or

program wraparound. There is no financial data on the computer.

They seem to have grabbed the money and run.

He is working with his credit card company to stop payment and insure no additional charges.

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